Here Right Now

by As We Once Were

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released May 4, 2015

released May 4th, 2015
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Roye Robley at RR Studios in Hammond, Indiana.

Thank you to Nick Toppel, Tyler Grier, Jackie Hawking, Bree Coe, and Roye Robley for gang vocals.



all rights reserved


As We Once Were Tinley Park, Illinois

Alt-Rock/Pop Punk band from the south suburbs of Chicago.

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Track Name: Tunnel Dreams and TV Screens
The whole world's a stage so why do we only choose to write tragedy?

Not everyone who enters our lives are sent from above
Some forge the hells that we must learn to eventually crawl out of
I was on the road to recovery when you came and took a toll on me
I learned to live inside my head where I'm alone but not disappointed

You pulled at my heart strings and you tore them from their roots
You've got to play what cards you're dealt even if you know you'll loose
Your words have held me back and choked me like a leash
You've got me chasing tunnel dreams and TV screens
You'll never know what I've been through to prove that I don't need you
It's people just like you who put a face to our trust issues

I've bent over backwards so many times for you
that straightening myself out is something that I need help to do
If actions speak louder than words it seems
You've gone and made my mother fucking ears bleed

I had to put my thoughts to words
and that's when I found out that you fucked me up for sure
After years of making sure that you were fine
I wasn't worth a minute of your fucking time

And as you tore my heart into bloody fucking strips
I've found my feelings for you are the curse that I've been blessed with
Track Name: Nice Guys Finish Last
My life must be built on a rickety foundation
because everything of recent just seems to keep falling through
Everything must go according to your faulty laws and legislation
If I want to breath, I'd run it first by you
You made me feel like every move I made was just another obligation
You'll learn the hard way you've got growing up to do

Because I'm done making sure that your sanity is still in line
because I'm sure that the next poor soul that you reap will do you just fine
I was hoping you would not be the same as those past
Because you know what they say and what they say is that nice guys finish last

Thanks for letting me remember what it's like to have a chance with someone
Your generosity knows no bounds
I'm glad that's what you think that I deserve after everything I've done
You make me the center of your jokes when I'm not around
And it's not like I'm the one whose feelings you decided to go and shun
So I'll keep my head up and my feet planted in the ground

I'm sorry I'm not perfect
I'm sorry I can't change
I'm sorry I'm not worth it
I'm sorry I'm this way


I'm not sorry I'm not perfect
I'm not sorry I can't change
I'm not sorry I'm not worth it
I don't need you anyway
Track Name: Hands to Heaven
The past twenty years have gone too fast
They've left me many fears and friends long past
Things I've thought permanent have decided to leave
Scarring my smile bent and tacking my heart to my sleeve

Sometimes it's amazing to stop and think
How much a little time can make our self value shrink
and if I could go back and change somehow
I'm sure I'd be better the second time around
I'd plead my case to the big man upstairs,
but Father time is not really big on playing fair
We'll march to the sound of a dozen bells
and with our hands to heaven we'll endure this living hell

Memories of the ones I've loved have faded with time
I used to look above to forget what I left behind
and as I look ahead a song of hope makes me sing
though it tears my heart to shreds how much change time can bring

I know we'll make it someway, somehow
but all that matters is that we're here...

Track Name: Here's Hoping
How am I supposed to know my place
before I grow up as part of the human race?
When I was younger I was always told to
not give up the fight and one day I'd get the gold.
Those dreams have left me now that I'm older.
The gold has turned to rust and fallen from my shoulders.
Now a days I guess it's more of a fight or flight,
and if up to me I'd grab my friends and leave tonight.

Oh, and so you think you know us.
Oh, we're those kids you'd see at Nonna's
Burning all hours of the night away
Escaping the troubles brought by today
Mending each other until our pain numbs
And here's hoping it will get better when tomorrow comes

When we're younger going to bed caused strife,
but now a days staying up is a way of life.
School still sucks cuz when it's said done,
I don't remember notes from heart break 101
When I stop and stare at my reflection there no longer
is a sense of purpose or direction
This is our lives but we don't get a say.
I'll stay up tonight cuz dreams don't help anyway.
Track Name: Odd One Out
It's the same old shit but just a different day
And as history has it I'm stuck in my ways
Jumping hoops to try and save face
I'm content alone but in need of embrace
I've got problems whose roots you can trace
to those who made me hate myself this way

I used to be a boy with a twinkle in my eye
and with each passing year a little piece of him dies
I've found my patience slowly start to wither
And I understand how we grow old and bitter
There's more to life that I wish I knew more about
but until then I'll remain the odd one out

It's the same old shit but just a different time
It's alright that I don't cross your mind
I've become a pro at being alone
and when I'm in public these are skills I hone
I try my best to say "hi" you too, but I'm almost certain you fucking hate me

You may have broke my heart but I'll still hold a door or two
You may have torn me apart but I'll still smile and say thank you
This isn't what normal people do
but I'm still the same through and through
I refuse to treat you the way you chose to treat me
so If I don't say much please take it personally
Why am I so fucked up, you say?
Well, my friend, we're all fucked up in our own ways

We're all fucked up
We're all fucked up
We're all fucked up
We're all fucked up

In our own ways.